How I can recognize a good quality mexican crafts?

When you buy a bad quality Mexican crafts you are losing your money. I will speak about some account aspects for when you make your purchase and avoid getting a poor quality product.

What happens if I buy false Mexican crafts?

The crafts are prized for their beautiful colors and shapes, as such are sought to be placed as an ornament in the home or office people. However, for this reason there are companies that are devoted to some make pieces as you are, but they do not legitimately.
Many of the parts they use are plaster and manufactured in China, which at first look the same quality as the originals, but its duration will be much lower. In addition, they will lose so alive with color over time, so you have to get rid of the piece because it has lost its beauty.

How I can know that a Mexican crafts is good quality?

Mexican crafts are usually made entirely by hand by craftsmen who have worked using the same techniques of their ancestors. These techniques have been proven thousands of times, so you are close to perfection. And for this reason the products they make are of very high quality.

These pieces are made of mud, so take a long time they are destroyed. The ancient Maya created pieces that even today retain much of its beauty and the good news is that there are craftsmen who today still use these techniques to create their products.

So when you buy always challenge you to look for original products. Yes, I know, sounds like a bad excuse to promote our handicraft products, but you are exposing what is the main advantage of preferring the original. Good things always transcend time.

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